Colors by Zoltan Painting is a professional painting & decorating company serving the greater San Francisco Bay Area. We specialise in residential interiors and exteriors, bringing top quality service to painting projects of all sizes.
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Exterior Services

Exterior Services

Stucco Repair

We will open up all cracks, wire brush the immediate area and spot prime the areas that need patching. Minor cracks can be filled with caulk-like material such as Permanent Patch; larger cracks will be filled with stucco and cement. Sometimes a fiberglass tape is required over the crack before patching. Regardless of the filler type we use, we’ll always try to make the patches blend in so your house doesn’t end up looking like a road map. Please keep in mind that the privilege of living in California usually comes with reoccurring cracks, due to settling and earthquakes.

Staining and Varnishing

Staining of your exterior fences, decks, benches and front doors. Wood will be thoroughly cleaned, sanded and stained. Decking and fence stain manufacturers recommend only one coat, which will adequately protect decking or fences for several years. More than one coat could result in stain not soaking into wood but rather “sit” on the surface. Excess stain will shine and remain sticky for a long time. Decking or fence stain will not be used for doors, because these can’t be sealed. Appropriate stain us used to seal surfaces with 2-3 coats of exterior varnish. Not required, regular exterior stain will do fine.

Periodic Maintenance

Your home is your biggest investment; you want to take care and keep it looking great. We offer periodic maintenance, including pressure washing every 2-3 years, touching up areas which are exposed to elements. It’s always better maintain minor repairs. Keeping an eye on your house, making maintenance touch-ups will extend the life of paint jobs by years. Keep your house as it was “just painted” for years.

Deck Refinishing

We will pressure wash the deck, including the railing. We may use wood cleaner and or wood brightener, depending on the condition of the deck. Once it’s done, we’ll set all nails that are protruding and reinforce them with decking screws. The deck will be sanded, cleaned and then stained or sealed, depending on what look you wish to achieve.

Texture Matching

We will match most any textures that exist in your home. Once we repair an area it should blend in with the rest of the surfaces..

Professional Exterior Painting

We will pressure wash the entire exterior to remove dirt, mildew and loose paint. Surfaces will be prepared for painting which includes, but not limited to: covering all adjacent bushes, plants and trees, removing loose paint from stucco and/or wood, if any, fill surfaces irregularities with an appropriate filler, repair the stucco, prime all surfaces, caulk all gaps around window and door frames. We’ll do whatever it takes to get your home paint-ready. We will always cover windows and doors with plastic preventing splatter from sprayer or roller. If wood siding is in bad shape we will spray primer, roll or brush into the grain preventing further deterioration. Chalky stucco will be primed with EmulsaBond eliminating any future problems. Finishing coat is usually applied with a sprayer, however stucco surfaces are always rolled after the paint is sprayed on. We will sand, prime and paint all exterior trim, in most cases by brush only. Once all painting is done, we remove all plastic from windows and doors, clean the glass and remove all debris from the job site. A check will be done to ensure your satisfaction.

Pressure Washing

Some painters will wash your home in about 2 hours. For us it will take about 6-8 hours for an average size house. We will “deep clean” all surfaces, inch by inch to make sure all dirt comes off. Mildew will be removed by first spraying a bleach/detergent mix onto the surfaces, and then washed off. For peeling stucco paint we use a rotary tip that will remove any paint film that is loose. If the stucco peels extensively, you will be consulted and the contract may have to be revised. This can happen when the previous paint film was applied over chalky surfaces. Unfortunately there are times when this can’t be determined at first glance, but once we start washing the problem, if exists, becomes apparent. This can be cured, however it is messy and time consuming. Once the paint is removed we’ll have to let the paint chips dry then vacuum it all up. Pressure washing generally includes washing driveways and walkways. We will wash decks when it’s included in the scope at the time when the estimate is requested.

Removal of Peeling Paint

We can remove peeling paint from stucco by pressure washing with a rotary tip. This method usually takes off almost all loose paint. In extreme cases we may recommend that you contact a sandblaster but in the majority of cases the above technique will work. Once the pressure washing is done we’ll go over the entire stucco with scrapers and a rotary wire cup brush to remove small flakes and to blend the areas where paint remains. Peeling paint from wood will be removed by using a combination of scraper, rotary sander, heat gun, or paint remover. Once the loose paint is removed we generally try to sand the wood so it doesn’t look like an old highway with lots of potholes. Please note that some of the methods listed here do not work on rough-sawn wood siding. Rough-sawn wood should not be sanded because it would make it smooth and would be an eye sore.