Colors by Zoltan Painting is a professional painting & decorating company serving the greater San Francisco Bay Area. We specialise in residential interiors and exteriors, bringing top quality service to painting projects of all sizes.
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Interior Services

Interior Services

Professional Interior Painting

Furniture will be moved, covered and safeguarded. All ceilings and walls will be cleaned of all dust, dirt and mildew. Nail holes filled as needed and cracks repaired. We will apply either one coat of primer as first coat on all surfaces or spot prime patched areas and apply two coats of finish paint. Trim will be thoroughly sanded; we apply a complete primer coat, then finish paint with appropriate trim paint. We prefer doing primer and one finish or two finishing coats.

Ceiling and Wall Repair

We will set protruding sheetrock nails and drive sheetrock screws next to the nail to prevent it from popping and will replace sheetrock sections that are damaged. We can also cover holes in the walls or ceilings after fixtures were removed. Some homes had leaky roofs and the corner tape is damaged. We will remove and replace all damaged sheetrock tape and apply fibreglass tape over cracks to prevent reopening. Only then will we apply three coats of joint compound and match the texture to surrounds.

Staining and Varnishing

We will stain and varnish new or previously stained wood. We use various brands of water and oil based stains and varnishes. Soft wood will require a stain controller prior to applying the stain, or can be “toned” by spraying the stain onto the surfaces. Depending on the project several coats of varnish or lacquer will be applied to seal the surfaces.

Sheetrock Installation

We will install sheetrock for the entire house or sections only, as requested. Upon hanging the sheetrock it will be ready for inspection. After inspection we will install metal corners where needed, apply the sheetrock tape and proceed with mudding. You can choose smooth wall, skip trowel, old world or various machine textures for the final look.

Texture Matching

We will match most any textures that exist in your home. Once we repair an area it should blend in with the rest of the surfaces.

Wallpaper Removal

We remove all types of wallpaper. Generally the top layer(s) can be peeled off, then the remaining backing and glue will be removed by applying a wallpaper remover/hot water combination. We will saturate the wallpaper or backing and glue and scrape it off with a putty knife or wallpaper shaver. This method generally does not create much scarring if done properly. Minor scarring may occur, those will be repaired once the wallpaper is off. There are some instances where the wallpaper, especially foil type, is very hard to remove, it is time consuming and after removal the walls in most cases would have to be resurfaced. In those instances we recommend that the foil type of paper should be primed, possibly floated with joint compound and then primed again and painted.

Acoustic Ceiling Removal

Acoustic ceilings to be tested for asbestos. If the ceiling contains asbestos, a certified contractor should be contacted. We are currently not certified. If popcorn is asbestos free, we will remove and cover all surfaces and furniture, wet popcorn and scrape it off. After removal, the ceiling will have to be repaired. Popcorn ceilings are sprayed onto the sheetrock and only “fire taped”, meaning sheetrock tape and one coat of joint compound was applied. Once the popcorn is removed, fire tape is exposed and will be coated with two or more times and texture could be applied.

Cabinet refinishing

Cabinets should be empty. While the inside will be protected with plastic, some dust will get onto your dishes, so it’s best to just remove them. All cabinet doors will be removed and numbered so they can be installed quickly once the project is completed. In most cases, the cabinet doors will be refinished off-site. Both sides of the doors will be refinished unless requested otherwise. All surfaces will be sanded to remove previous sealer, in some cases the old stain would have to be removed as well. New stain will be applied, then sealed with either varnish or polyurethane.